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6th Prayer Meeting: 10 Days of Prayer - Day 1 : Cherine

8th 10 Days of Prayer: - Day 3 : Greg Lee

13th Prayer Meeting: 10 Days of Prayer - Day 8 : Audrey Coleman

15th 10 Days of Prayer: - Day 10 : Aunty Dale

20th Prayer Meeting: Love - Pastor Jeremy Arnold

22nd Vespers: Love - Elder Gregory Bloomfield USA

27th Prayer Meeting: Joy - Elder Gregory Bloomfield USA

29th Vespers: Joy - Elder Gregory BloomfieldPastor Kayla Joissaint USA

3rd Prayer Meeting: (Interactive Breakout Rooms) Peace

5th Vespers: Peace - Elder Gregory Bloomfield USA

10th Prayer Meeting: Forbearance - Pastor Sam Ngui

12th Vespers: Forbearance - Pastor Josiah Cryston

17th Prayer Meeting: Kindness and Goodness - Elder Seth Asare

19th Vespers: Kindness and Goodness - Chaplain Adrienne Benton

24th Prayer Meeting: (Interactive Prayer Meting) Faithfulness -

26th Vespers: Faithfulness - Lianne and Aiden

3rd Prayer Meeting: Abel - Pastor Philip M. Wesley

5th Vespers: Abel - Pastor Steve Thomas

10th Prayer Meeting: Noah - (Interactive Prayer Meeting)

12th Vespers: Noah - Roldao Silvera

17th Prayer Meeting: Abraham - Pastor Drysdale

19th Vespers: Abraham - Errol Gayle Luton

24th Prayer Meeting: Jacob - Lloyd Burton

26th Vespers: Jacob - Loverner Walcott-Wightman

31st Prayer Meeting: (Interactive Prayer Meeting)

2nd Vespers: Moses - Pastor Kymone Hinds

7th Prayer Meeting: Rahab - Sonia Hickling

9th Vespers: Rahab - Greg Lee

14th Prayer Meeting: (Interactive Prayer Meeting) Barak

16th Vespers: Barak - Pastor Alexandru Maveniuc

21st Prayer Meeting: Jephthah - Pastor Sam Ngui

23rd Vespers: Jephthah - Pastor Vii C

28th Prayer Meeting: Samuel - Pastor Kevon Barnaby

30th Vespers: Samuel - Christina Thomas