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What is Personal Ministries?

Our Vision:

"Each worshiper introduces someone to the Jesus Christ that they know from personal experience!"



The "Power" behind the ministry

God has loved us with an everlasting love and wants us to be close to Him (Jeremiah 31:3). Personal prayer gives us time with God. His love transforms us during this time and we become love to others. We encourage you to pray for yourself and for others through intercessory prayer
(James 5:13-16).


Skills Building

Equipping the Church to serve

Jesus, our example, spent over 3 years teaching, mentoring, and exposing the Disciples to practical learning opportunities. With the right support, every individual can serve! The church can provide formal training, bible study, practical experience and mentoring. All you need is a willing heart.



Cultivating authentic relationships

The principle of small groups is seen throughout the New Testament. Today, small groups make church feel more personal. We encourage every worshiper to be a part of a small group so they can grow in confidence to use their spiritual gifts.



Telling your story

Your testimony is the most powerful witness to others about God’s love, grace and mercy. Nobody can question what God has done to save you. It is YOUR story! Revelation 12:11 includes testifying in the description of those who make it to heaven. If you have a testimony to share, please let a member of the Personal Ministry team know. God is too good for us not to tell someone!